Number Twins

Number Twins

Number Twins is a simple game in which you must match numbers in pairs

Number Twins is a simple game in which you must match numbers in pairs that add up to ten. To match the numbers you must simply link them with a line that you draw by clicking on the desired numbers. For instance, you must click on a 1 and on a 9 to draw a line. However, in order to be valid, this line can only turn twice. The length of the line is not important, so you can match numbers that are in the first row, with numbers that are in the last row or in the middle, if there's a space. The numbers will appear in the center of the grid and they are of different colors. The game is timed, so the faster you complete the game, the more score you will get.

The game can be played in full screen and there's no need to download the game, since you can play it from your favorite web browser. The game features very simple graphics and sounds, and suitable, but a bit annoying music. Fortunately, you can mute it from the Options menu. Moreover, your score can be published in three popular social sites, so you can compete with your friends.

In short, if you are looking for an easy to play and enjoyable game to kill some time, Number Twins may be a good choice.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Easy to play
  • Enjoyable
  • You can share your results in multiple social sites
  • Free


  • Very simple graphics
  • Only one level
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